We Are Loughborough Junction is images of the people of Loughborough Junction by the people of Loughborough Junction.


Loughborough Junction; until now a forgotten area of Zone two. No signposts signal this diverse area, framed by eight railway bridges on the border of two boroughs and three wards. The We are Loughborough Junction photography exhibition, which took place in February 2010, is a thought provoking community project to celebrate the diversity of this once overlooked neighbourhood of South London.


The outdoor exhibition  was displayed around Loughborough Junction on the sides of houses, railings and on for sale style posts, creating a 20 minute journey through the streets, sounds, smells and sights offering a window into the lives of this vibrant community.


The project is the brainchild of residents, Paul Adlam, Matt Matterson and photographer Conor Masterson.


The exhibition wouldnÕt have been possible without the support of local groups Loughborough Junction Action Group and The SE5 Forum for Camberwell, who co-sponsored the event.


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